Financial Plans Include Investment Planning Services

An Investment Plan Helps You Deploy Your Assets Properly

What is Investment Planning?

Investment planning is the process of matching your investing activities to your goals and objectives and available financial resources. Investment planning is a core component of financial planning. We believe It is impossible to have one without the other, investing without a plan is a game of chasing returns.

Investing often relies on understanding averages, but know you’re not just an average investor. You are uniquely you, and our investment planning process puts you in control.

Investments are sexy, right? So it makes sense that you have questions about the best kind. In fact, questions about investments and investment alternatives are typically the first concerns brought forward by our clients and prospective clients. Because there really is no such thing as “the best investment,” and we don’t have crystal balls, we rely on a proven process instead.


The Investment Plan is the vehicle for growing your wealth, but it is not the driver, you and your financial goals are.

Investment planning is a process that begins by clarifying your financial goals and objectives. The investment plan allows us to create an operating procedure to determine if investment opportunities are right for you.

There are thousands of different investments, how do we know what’s right for you?

That's where investment planning comes in

As your financial planners, our Investment and Financial Planning process will match your investment objectives with the following:

  • Your Specific Goal and the time horizon. 
  • Your current investment funding for a particular goal.
  • Your Risk Tolerance
  • Your Risk Capacity
  • Your Current Tax Situation.
  • The level of involvement your want with your investments
  • Your investment philosophy and how it works with our management philosophy.

We will then create a customized investment policy statement that we’ll agree to use as our guiding principle when making and reviewing our investment decisions. The investment plan integrates your values and beliefs and the investment methodology we use for you. 

Our Investment Approach

We work with portfolio managers and wealth managers that believe in and use modern fact-based approaches to managing your wealth.

We employ the following investment strategies.

We Deploy a Nobel Prize-Winning Strategy For Your Investments

Multi-Asset Class Diversification.

Making sure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket

As mentioned above, there is no such thing as “the best” investment. Investors should maintain their exposure to different asset classes. This is because different assets perform differently under various economic environments. We employ a tailored approach to creating your portfolio and your long term asset allocation.

Regular Rebalancing

Asset Allocation Chart with a Sale Tag to symbolize cost reduction for investing. Managed by Hervin Pesa

Systematizing against fear and greed.

The value of the investments in your portfolio will change over time. This would cause your portfolio to drift from your long term asset allocation. By rebalancing your portfolio, we are simultaneously preventing you from being concentrated in one asset class, while “buying the lows” of an alternative asset class.


During an extended period of strong equity performance, your portfolio will start to tilt to a higher equity holding; this means potentially more volatility than you are prepared to take. By rebalancing, you’ll sell some of your equity holdings to purchase suitable alternatives to take you back to the portfolio that matches your risk profile.

Minimizing Cost

Asset Allocation Chart with a Sale Tag to symbolize cost reduction for investing. Managed by Hervin Pesa

Keeping More In Your Pocket

We take advantage of opportunities that would reduce your costs and fees to maximize your returns. This applies to taxes and management expense fees.

Become The Market

Asset Allocation Chart With Portfolio Value Increase to represent index investing. Becoming the market

If You can’t Beat the Market, Be the market.

When available for asset classes, we opt for passively managed investment vehicles that track the returns of relevant benchmarks instead of employing active managers who rely on skill and predictive ability.