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Our proven process takes the guesswork out of your retirement.
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You've worked hard and saved well, but you're still unsure about retirement.

Too many Canadians struggle to get clarity with their retirement picture…

because they incorrectly assume that the investment strategies which allowed them to accumulate wealth, also apply when it’s time to live off their savings.

Strategies for wealth accumulation and decumulation are not the same. 

The next 30 years of your life won’t look like the previous 30.

Are you struggling to answer the following?:

  • What Income Can I Spend In Retirement?
  • Will I Run Out Of Money?
  • When is the best time to take CPP ?
  • Which Account Do I Withdraw From First?
  • When is the best time to take OAS ?
  • Do I Have to Worry About OAS Clawbacks?
  • Do I Qualify For GIS?
  • When Should I Take My Defined Benefit Pension?
  • When Should I Withdraw From My RRSP/RRIF?

Isn’t it time to get some clarity?

Calgary-Based Fee-Only-Financial Planner

I help hardworking, everyday Canadians design and live their dream retirement.

Hervin Pesa, BA,CFP,RRC

You Need a Fee Only Retirement Plan If You're Looking For:

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Won't be Yes People, We will tell it to you straight, good or bad.


Your priorities are ours too. We will celebrate your success together.


Your plan is tailored to you, it won't fit anyone else.


No guesswork, we'll always base our answers on your plan.


Products ≠Advice: We'll never push products.


Our Network, is your network. We will always provide access to our trusted pros.


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Hervin Pesa

What's Included In My Retirement Income Plan?

Your situation is unique to you, your family and your ideal retirement. However, every single plan we create covers the following:

  • Retirement Income Planning: We calculate what lifetime income you can expect to receive without running out of money
  • Investment Planning: Investing while drawing down your assets can get complicated, we help you avoid mistakes.
  • Tax Minimization Strategies:  Reduce taxes while staying compliant. We help you keep more of your money so you can live the life you want.
  • Risk Management: Life is full of uncertainties, we will help you retire without being crippled by fear.
  • Estate Simplification: We create a plan that streamlines your estate so your kin maximize the gifts you leave behind.

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Retirement Questions Answered...

Specifically for you.

Here are some questions that the retirement income plan will cover:

How Much Can I Spend In Retirement Without Running Out of Money?

We will show you what sustainable income you can expect in retirement, given your current assets, investments and life expectancy.

How Do I Maximize Government Benefits Like CPP and OAS?

CPP and OAS form the base guaranteed income for most Canadians.

Unfortunately,  there are many misconceptions and  generalizations that can lead to the wrong decisions.

This impacts how much you qualify for and potentially increase your taxes.

We make sure you have answers about when to take the CPP and OAS, based on your own financial situation.

When Should I Start RRSP Withdrawals or When Do I Convert My RRSP Into a RRIF?

Is it better for me to use my RRSPs as soon as I retire?

This all depends on what other sources of income you have available to you.

Your life expectancy, your lifestyle cost and the returns you get from your investments can impact this decision.

Additional Questions About Income In Retirement
  • How much do I need to retire by a certain age?
  • How much do I need to save each month to achieve my goals?
  • How much can I afford to spend in retirement?
  • How can I maximize my government benefits like CPP and OAS?
  • What options should I choose for my defined benefit (DB) pension?
  • Should I take a lump-sum commuted value payout from my pension or a deferred monthly benefit?
  • Should I save using an RRSP or TFSA?
  • When should I start RRSP withdrawals or convert to a RRIF??
  • How do we split our income in retirement?
  • How do I create an income in retirement?
  • Should I get an annuity?
  • Book a consultation if you have more questions.


Here are some questions that your investment plan will answer:

What Types Of Investment Accounts Should I Have?

The three most common investment accounts are:

  • TFSA
  • RRSP


However, depending on your previous employment, you may have access to pension conversion accounts like:

  • LIRA
  • A Defined Contribution Account


The LIRA and the DC accounts are not typically opened by choice. 

However, your decision to use the RRSP or the TFSA has implications on how much after-tax income you can have as well as OAS Claw-back.

Should I Pay Down Debts or Keep My Assets Invested?

This depends on your personal philosophy. 


We look at your overall financial situation and not just interest. Oftentimes, this conversation is tackled myopically.


The issue here is you are no longer working, withdrawing additional income to pay off debt faster can increases your tax burden and deplete your assets if done incorrectly.

When you retire, cash-flow takes priority. 

How Do I Invest To Beat Inflation?

Find assets that grow with inflation.


This means buying business that maintain profitability and passing on costs effectively.


Real estate is another asset class that some clients have used to  hedge against inflation.

Additional Questions About Investing In Retirement
  • What types of investment accounts should I have?
  • How much should I contribute to different accounts?
  • Should I save in my name or my spouse’s name?
  • What types of accounts should I open for my kids?
  • Should my investment accounts be joint?
  • Should I pay down debt or invest?
  • What kind of investments can I have in a corporation?
  • Should I buy or sell a rental property?
  • What is my risk tolerance?
  • s my asset allocation appropriate?
  • Has my investment performance beat the markets?
  • Are my investment fees reasonable?
  • Should I be a DIY investor?
  • Is my investment advisor a good one?
  • Book a Consultation to answer all your questions.

Here are some questions that your tax plan will answer:

How Do I Pay Less Tax Today?

You can take advantage of tax deductions and tax credits available to YOUR FAMILY.

We highlight that because, any novice advisor can tell you that these credits exists. What sets us apart is we can help you decide if you should transfer, retain or share these tax saving benefits.


Some tax credits and deductions have multi-year implications. Using these all these credits or deductions today may not be as beneficial as pooling the strategies together.

We help you understand what works best for you.


How Do I Pay Less Tax Over My Lifetime?

There is no one set way to reduce lifetime taxes.

Depending on your personal circumstances, tax strategies that helped your friends may be harmful for you.

We run dozens of scenarios that take the following into consideration:

  • Investment returns,
  • Inflation,
  • Government benefits,
  • The timing of your withdrawals,
  • Managing your tax brackets,
  • Your mortality
  • Your work now
  • Your work in retirement

We give you the most tax efficient solution without compromising your true financial goals.

How Do I Split Income With Family Members?

Depending on your family situation you may benefit from splitting income.

However, there are strict guidelines that the CRA set in place to make sure these are not abused. Using these strategies incorrectly can result in penalties that can ravage your retirement plans.

We make sure you stay compliant.


Additional Questions About Tax Planning In Retirement
  • How do I pay less tax today?

  • How do I pay less tax over my lifetime?

  • How do I split income with family members?

  • How do I pay less tax on my investments?

  • How do I fund my retirement in the most tax-efficient manner?

  • How do I reduce capital gains tax on my cottage?

  • Should I take a severance or salary continuation?

  • Should I set up a corporation?

  • Should I pay myself a salary or withdraw dividends from my corporation?

  • Should I set up a holding company?

  • Should I establish a family trust?

  • Should I issue shares of my company to my children?

  • Should I wind up my corporation?

  • How do I plan for the sale of my business?

Here are some questions that your risk management plan will answer:

What Survivor Pension Options Are Available To My Spouse?

If you have a defined benefit pension, this depends on what kind of payout option you select.

For CPP, this gets tricky, if they already have the maximum CPP or close to it, there is very little that they will get.

OAS, None.

Should I Cancel My Life Insurance Policy Now That I am Retired?

That depends on what support you want to provide to survivors.

If you have significant deferred tax liabilities, from RRSP, unrealized gains in a non-registered account or real estate, you may need it.

Insurance can get costly, you want to make sure you only buy or keep what you need.

Your Retirement Income Plan will help answer this question.


How Do I Pay For Healthcare or Assisted Living In My Old Age?

We can carve out a portion of your assets to insulate you from increasing health care costs.

Government subsidies for long term care are often income an means tested.
We will set up your accounts to maximize any government subsidies. 

Additional Questions About Risk Management In Retirement
  • Do I have enough life insurance?

  • Do I have the right kind of life insurance?

  • Do I need disability insurance?

  • Do I need critical illness insurance

  • Should I buy health insurance?

  • Should I cancel my insurance policy?

  • What type of insurance do I need in retirement?

  • Should I buy insurance for my kids?

  • Do I need permanent life Insurance?

Here are some questions that your Estate and Legacy plan will answer:

How Can My Estate Be Settled Faster?

The probate or estate settlement process can delay the transfer of your bequests by 2 to 3 years if you pass without a proper plan.

We help simplify your estate by guiding you through the proper ownership structure for your assets as well as clear beneficiary designations.

Who Should Be My Beneficiaries?

That depends on what support you want to provide to survivors.

We can’t tell you what you should give to who, however, there are nuances that change the values your beneficiaries receive after taxes.

Consider that leaving a house vs an RRSP vs TFSA  have different after-tax impact.

We help you equalize and maximize the gifts each of your beneficiaries inherit.


Should I Give Now or Through My Will?

This is totally up to you.

We believe that seeing the impact of your gifts make them more worthwhile.

However, there are circumstance where giving through your estate makes more sense.

Additional Questions About Risk Management In Retirement
  • Should I have a will?
  • What assets will pass through my will?
  • How can I reduce probate fees?
  • What beneficiaries should I name?
  • Should I own assets jointly?
  • Should I transfer assets to my children now or in the future?
  • How do I make a plan for the family cottage?
  • How do I make a plan for the family business?
  • Should I consider an estate freeze?
  • Should I add my name to a parent’s account?
  • How do I minimize probate fees?
  • Should I worry about U.S. estate tax?
  • What is a power attorney for property?
  • What is a power of attorney for personal care?
  • Should I establish a trust?
  • How do I maximize my charitable giving?


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Kevin Aguilar
Kevin Aguilar
18:01 21 Nov 21
Hervin is a great financial planner and really... takes the time to understand each individual and their situation. He gives honest and trustworthy advice and isn’t scared to tell you what you may not want to hear. You can tell he really wants to help people and truly teaches you what we should’ve been learning in school. Book a consultation and subscribe to his YouTube channel. He won’t disappoint!!!read more
Christopher Miranda
Christopher Miranda
19:16 04 Feb 21
I booked a consultation session with him and he... did not disappoint! Great financial planner and really helped my give me a solid foundation to start my business. Very transparent and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!read more
Rosemarie Magdirila
Rosemarie Magdirila
18:25 25 Jan 21
Hervin was able to breakdown my goals and ideas&... walk me through every scenario on how to create valuable and successful for your money. I highly recommend Hervin when it comes to financial advices. He is a professional,well knowledgeable, and really responsive financial planner. Thank you so much Hervin for our meeting today .Stay safe!read more
Anthony Sapa
Anthony Sapa
18:17 28 Dec 20
Insightful, knowledgeable, and determined. Hervin... answered all of my questions with great detail and insight.Hervin gives a very personalized service that doesn't make you feel like you are a number to him. He goes out of his way to understand you first so that he can better advise you. He structures his plan specifically to match your life style, growth, and comfort.read more
Vida Valerie Vispo
Vida Valerie Vispo
06:49 27 Dec 20
Highly recommend!! If you’re like myself and... partner, who are just starting in life, and don’t know where to start, or how to start with financial needs, life insurance needs, critical illness, and many more he’s the right person to talk to! Definitely with just 1 meeting you learn a lot, an eye opening experience. He goes into detail about what you should have but within your means. DEFINITELY CONTACT HIM! Our plans are starting to have a clearer path!read more
Lea Crisostomo
Lea Crisostomo
20:52 12 Dec 20
We are very grateful to Hervin for helping us... understand what life insurance is all about. He is very knowledgeable and very nice person to deal with. The way he explain helps those who don’t have any idea on what plan to get. Thank you and your dedication is appreciated.read more
Mia-Mei Hernandez
Mia-Mei Hernandez
03:34 08 Dec 20
Hervin Pesa is truly good at what he does. He is... responsive, smart and professional. He explained all the details thoroughly and even gave me advice that would actually benefit me in the long run. He foresees possible situations or circumstances that may have a great impact for you in the future. He gives the wisest and smartest insights to handle or avoid possible unfortuitous events. With his ability to think ahead, you and your family are sure in the right hands. Plus, he truly emphasizes what you actually need rather than what you want.read more
Ann Irine Guillem
Ann Irine Guillem
18:44 18 Nov 20
Hervin, very professional and thorough with his... transaction with me He made sure to discuss all the options that I have to make sure I pick what is the best insurance for me.read more
stargazer jugger
stargazer jugger
00:30 17 Nov 20
Kuya Hervin Pesa has a natural rapport with... people and does very well communicating others. His ability to quickly assess problems and quickly identify a solution. He is very professional for delivering his advices for me to understand what I need for my insurance. So, I highly recommend him to all who is looking for affordable but high quality insurance.read more
Farzam Bahrambic
Farzam Bahrambic
19:38 11 Nov 20
Hervin was able to breakdown my goals and ideas... and walk me through every scenario on how to create a valuable and successful business. He was very professional and went straight to his resources. I would recommend hervin to any new or experienced business owner. Asking for help is a big part of growing. 10/10 for the services I received from Hervin.read more
Alyanah G
Alyanah G
22:14 09 Nov 20
Recommended.. He will surely get 5 stars or more... because he knows what he is doing. A man with integrity and professionalism.. He will guide you all the way until you feel secured and contented. He is a family man so he definitely knows what a family needs when it comes to security and peace of mind. Thank you for all your insights and Keep up the good work..God Bless you more..read more
Chad Bailey
Chad Bailey
18:19 06 Oct 20
I highly recommend Hervin!His very professional... and great listener! He will provide you with great options that will suit your insurance needs at an affordable price. What are you guys waiting for?why wait for something to happen and regret it....please send him a message so he can provide you with the right insurance that will protect not only you but the most valuable in your life...your family!read more
Laine Delos Reyes
Laine Delos Reyes
17:59 31 Aug 20
Actually I found Hervin’s page in social media... and made an inquiry online. At that time, i was looking to add additional insurance for my family since I am that type of person who believes that Life Is Short and to prepare for the future of my family in times of contingencies is important for me.Immediately, Hervin contacted me and gave me all available options. My insurance was all processed online and that includes live videos, phone calls and emails. As insurance advisor, Hervin handled my account in a very professional manner. Now I feel secured that I am covered and my family is protected.read more
kenia Martinez
kenia Martinez
00:26 06 Aug 20
The service Hervin provided was great, he took... his time explaining documents in detail, would always accommodate meetings to suit my schedule, and was very knowledgeable.I highly recommend!read more
Christine Maravilla
Christine Maravilla
21:16 28 Jul 20
Sir Hervin is very helpful and has wide knowledge... in his field. I can say that getting a life insurance will be a lot easier if you go to him.read more
Rob Symington
Rob Symington
18:00 24 Jul 20
Hervin gets a five star review because he... deserves it!! If your looking for someone that cares about his customers give him a call. I’ve worked with Hervin for years and have nothing but the best to say about how he does business. Again ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you for all you do.read more
maria Carla Palaming
maria Carla Palaming
12:35 19 Jun 20
Recommended. He will help you not to get... commission but because he believed its better to have something than nothing. Thank you Hervinread more
Michael Chandara
Michael Chandara
19:58 14 May 20
Hervin went above and beyond when it came to my... financial questions. He was very knowledgable when it came to my situation and I was very happy that he was able to guide me in the direction that was best suited for me. He was also very professional and I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family!read more
Emjhaee M
Emjhaee M
17:32 11 Dec 19
Hervin and his team were fantastic. They helped... us with our financial plan and insurance options without making us feel bad or behind. He’s so good a simplifying things for us to make sure we are really aware of our choices. Ive recommended him to friends and I don’t regret it.Thanks again!read more
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